Subway Talents

August 20, 2015

Hi , everyone! Please share the website”Subway Talents” with people who you know

Thanks! Here is the web site

Chaos and lemonade

May 29, 2015

Playing the alley was like ..Chaos….  imageimage

Waiting for lemonade

Signal Strength

October 28, 2014

The result of the project . Check it out!   image

Unique project!!!

September 17, 2014

It was Very unique project!! Can’t wait to see/hear the result. I am glad to be part of this project ) imageimage

Thank you so much everyone!

September 6, 2014

Thank everyone for coming last night ! And thank you ,Alex who organized everything beautifully.
I enjoyed playing at this unique Museum. If you have a chance, please visit this Museum . It opens Weekend. You will know how unique this Museum is. image
Photograph by Alex

I’m gonna play Theremin briefly this Friday night at very unique tiny Museum!

Start :19:30
@ 4 court land Alley New York NY 10013.
Canal St (stops -the J/N/Q/6/R/A/C/E/1

(368 Broadway is the front of the building where Museum is. Go around the corner to the back of the building)

If you can, please stop by! Thanks!

Thank you !!!

March 7, 2014

imageIt was a wonderful night ! Thank you so much everyone!  I enjoyed listening to every musicians. They were so cool ! They made me feel like creating new stuff! and needless to say, Cascading Slopes was Amazing! If you haven’t checked out their music yet, let’s check it out!!

いや〜楽しかったです。レベル高い! びっくりしたのはリハなしだった、、にも関わらず、本番前にちょこっと、こうして欲しいと言っただけで、かなりいい感じでした!音もすごい迫力!ライブを主催したCascading Slopes.とてもよかったです。この記事の下に彼らの曲が聴けるリンクがあるので是非!

I will play live ! Please come by !

3/6 : Cameo Gallery @ 20:00 ( Llamano at 21:30~)

Organized by Cascading Slopes

Event information :

Cascading Slopes is very cool ! please check their web site out !!

The screening was postponed because of the weather .

It was snowing .Trees  were so beautiful ,wearing white clothes.I was looking forward to the screening ,so little disappointed ,but I could make something good stuff ) Anyway… Hope I could inform a new screening date soon.


Sans Diego Film Shorts!!!

January 3, 2014

“Song of the subway siren” which is directed by Asya Danilove , the short documentary film of llamano, will be screened at Sans Diego film shorts in NYC ! Please come to watch it !!!! I hope to meet everyone there!!!

The Producers Club, NYC   / February 3 @8pm / Free Admission

358 west 44th st New York,NY 10036(near 9th Ave)


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