Thank you !!!

imageIt was a wonderful night ! Thank you so much everyone!  I enjoyed listening to every musicians. They were so cool ! They made me feel like creating new stuff! and needless to say, Cascading Slopes was Amazing! If you haven’t checked out their music yet, let’s check it out!!

いや〜楽しかったです。レベル高い! びっくりしたのはリハなしだった、、にも関わらず、本番前にちょこっと、こうして欲しいと言っただけで、かなりいい感じでした!音もすごい迫力!ライブを主催したCascading Slopes.とてもよかったです。この記事の下に彼らの曲が聴けるリンクがあるので是非!


4 thoughts on “Thank you !!!

  1. Hello! I recently saw you play in the subway, but I did not have enough time to buy a CD before I had to hop on the train. Do you sell it anywhere that I can pick up this week? Where are you playing next?

  2. Hello, Hai-Phung Tran ! Thank u for listening to my music in the subway! I’ll play in the subway this week , but it’s hard to tell what time and where,because if someone is playing before I arrive, I have to move to another place.But I can say that I often play at 23rd(F,M) downside, 57th(F,M) 14st(F,M) . Around 16:00-20:30 Hope see u somewhere!

    Thanks! Llamano

  3. Hey just saw you yesterday on the subway and it was very relieving as the sounds of the subway tend to pierce my senses and your music was a great counterbalance to such cacophony.
    Any way if your interested id love to work with you make a few tracks let me know !

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