Unique project!!!

It was Very unique project!! Can’t wait to see/hear the result. I am glad to be part of this project ) imageimage


5 thoughts on “Unique project!!!

  1. As it was expected, you’re doing great 🙂 You do sushi quite good, but you’re just a little bit better on this! Miss u tinny big girl. Regards from Longyearbyen. Nuno

    1. Nuno !! Long time no see ! How’s it going?? Thank you for your comment ! Good to hear from u ! Miss you,too !
      And what a coincidence! because, when I was on the train today, I thought about the mountains in Longyearbyen and I also though about ” Nuno is still working there?” then, I found this message ! Very surprise!! 🙂 Merry X’smas from NYC . Llamano

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