Chaos and lemonade

Playing the alley was like ..Chaos….  imageimage

Waiting for lemonade

10 thoughts on “Chaos and lemonade

  1. Hi, I saw you playing in the subway last night and I’m mad at myself for not buying a CD. How can I purchase one?

    1. Hi, Gabe! Thank you so much for listening to my music last night and Thank you for asking me about my CD! Actually, I used to sell it , but I don’t sell my CD now.. Because I’m remaking it. When I sell it again, I’ll let you know.


      1. Hi Llamano, thanks for getting back to me. One of the reasons I’m interested is because I’m a documentary editor and I’d like to consider using your music in a film I’m working on. It’s a feature documentary that just went through the Sundance Edit Labs and we’ll be looking for composers soon. Any chance you have a few tracks posted somewhere that I could use for the temp score to see if it works? Or could I buy a few tracks off your CD? If we use them in the film, we would definitely license them. I think they’ll be a great fit. Here’s the press release from Sundance:

      2. Wow, sounds great ! I think I can send you some of my songs as MP3 . So let me know if it works for you.
        I’m off now .
        Have a good one!

  2. MP3’s would work great. Thanks!!! I’m looking forward to hearing them and trying them out. I’ll let you know immediately if the director thinks it’ll work.

  3. Saw you playing in the 23rd F/M train station earlier today, and I love your music! Thank you so much for bring such beautiful music to my busy commute!

    1. Thank you So much for listening to my music and loving it ! I’m super happy to hear that !
      I often play there, so maybe see you soon !


  4. Hi Llamano, I’m a documentary film producer in England and would like to contact you about trying something different in London. I think we can fly you over. Would you mind getting in touch with me? Thanks, Henry

    1. Hi! This is Llamano . Thank you for the message. Sounds very interesting. I’d love to get in touch with you . I’ll send you an e-mail . Look forward to hearing your idea.


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