Signal Strength

The result of the project . Check it out!   image

Unique project!!!

It was Very unique project!! Can’t wait to see/hear the result. I am glad to be part of this project ) imageimage

Thank you so much everyone!

Thank everyone for coming last night ! And thank you ,Alex who organized everything beautifully.
I enjoyed playing at this unique Museum. If you have a chance, please visit this Museum . It opens Weekend. You will know how unique this Museum is. image
Photograph by Alex

Thank you !!!

imageIt was a wonderful night ! Thank you so much everyone!  I enjoyed listening to every musicians. They were so cool ! They made me feel like creating new stuff! and needless to say, Cascading Slopes was Amazing! If you haven’t checked out their music yet, let’s check it out!!

いや〜楽しかったです。レベル高い! びっくりしたのはリハなしだった、、にも関わらず、本番前にちょこっと、こうして欲しいと言っただけで、かなりいい感じでした!音もすごい迫力!ライブを主催したCascading Slopes.とてもよかったです。この記事の下に彼らの曲が聴けるリンクがあるので是非!

The screening was postponed :(

The screening was postponed because of the weather .

It was snowing .Trees  were so beautiful ,wearing white clothes.I was looking forward to the screening ,so little disappointed ,but I could make something good stuff ) Anyway… Hope I could inform a new screening date soon.